Web Surfing

Ask for Kids
A fast, easy and kid-friendly way for kids to search online. Designed to be a fun destination site focused on learning and 'edu-tainment'.

Kids Click!
A web directory search facility just for kids, monitored by librarians to ensure the results are always suitable for youngsters.

Surfing the Net with Kids
A guide to the best 'kid' sites for children of all ages.

Yahoo Kids
The Yahoo Web Guide just for kids, including games, music, and much more.

Homework Help

4 Learning
Online learning for children from Channel 4, where you can search for subjects sorted by age range.

BBC Schools Online
Games, activities, quizzes and useful information to help with literacy, numeracy and much more. For children from 4 to 11 years old.

Free Past Papers
The web's most comprehensive collection of completely free Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 SATs past papers, for anyone to download.

Headline History
Funded by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, this web site, which recently won the interactive BAFTA for Children's Learning is full of true stories about English history. Aimed at Key Stage 2 and 3, it covers four eras: Romans, Tudors, Victorians and World War Two!

Homework Elephant
Homework Elephant is your first stop for Internet resources to help complete your homework assignments. Over 5000 carefully selected resources to assist with your homework problems!

Homework Helpers Online
Links to many other websites of general and curriculum interest. Most sites are US-based, but there are still things of interest to school children in the UK.

SAM Learning
The most popular online subscription service for GCSE and SATs in English secondary schools.


Biographical Dictionary
Search a dictionary covering more than 33,000 notable men and women who have shaped our world, from ancient times to the present day.

British Library
The website of the UK's national library gives information about the library, its services, exhibitions and collections.

British Monarchy
The official web site of Her Majesty, The Queen and the British Royal Family.

Guinness World Records
If you want to know the fastest, tallest, smallest, oldest, biggest or best it's all here on the on-line version of the Guinness Book of Records.

Microsoft Encarta
Lots of resources for children, parents and teachers from Microsoft's famous encyclopaedia.

Leading site for on-line maps and travel directions for the whole of the United Kingdom, including aerial photographs of most of the country.

Spelling it Right
Spelling it Right comprises seventy pages of advice and free worksheets on spelling and is used by many parents, students and teachers in the UK.

Another map site providing address searching and street map facilities for the UK.

Weights and Measures
The definitive Internet resource for information on Imperial weights and measures. Helps you make sense of all those old English terms like fathom, chain, rod, stone, furlong and so on.

World Wide Words
Investigating English from a British point of view. Find all sorts of information on English words.


The British Museum
The web site helps you find out more about the work and collections of the British Museum, and offers lots of interesting information and answers to your questions.

The Louvre
The world famous palace and museum in the heart of Paris, France. The site gives the history of the Louvre, details of its collections and a virtual tour.

The National Gallery
The National Gallery, London, houses one of the greatest collections of European painting in the world. The web site has details of the collections, exhibitions and current events.

The National Maritime Museum
The National Maritime Museum, in Greenwich, London is the largest maritime museum in the world. The site has galleries, exhibitions and current events and lots of other useful information.

The National Media Museum
This Bradford museum is one of the most visited national museums outside London, attracting approximately 750,000 visitors each year.

The National Railway Museum
Based in York, the museum won European Museum of the Year Award in 2001.

The Natural History Museum
This is the one with the dinosaurs - so it's a favourite for children of all ages. The site has lots of interesting and educative information about all aspects of the world around us.

The Science Museum
The Science Museum is in South Kensington, London. The web site has information about current events and collections, and has lots of interesting things for kids to learn.

Tate Galleries
Did you know the Tate has galleries in Liverpool and St. Ives as well as in London? This site has information about them all, including the new Tate Modern on the bank of the Thames.

Victoria and Albert Museum
The V & A in London is the world's largest museum of the decorative arts and is home to 145 galleries, including national collections of sculpture, furniture, fashion and photographs.

Cool Stuff

From Children's BBC comes a website that helps children communicate their hopes and fears in life with other kids, safely and anonymously. It recently won best children's innovation at the Royal Television Society Awards and is becoming the number one communication forum for young children. Children can have loads of fun, learn and learn vital communication and sharing skills too.

Bullying Online
A registered charity, whose site has help and advice for children, parents and schools on bullying.

Bully Off
A new guide to stamping out bullying.

The free 24-hour helpline for children in trouble or danger. Just call 0800 1111 free from any telephone and somebody will be there to help.

Learn about Africa, play some great games, and see what you can do to help.

Dinosaur Resources
A long list of all the best dinosaur website, games, and crazy dinosaur information on the internet.

Enchanted Learning
Excellent educational web site for kids, covering many areas. This site is as entertaining as it is informative.

Know the Romans
An interactive, visual website for children to research the Romans. Children can also use the quizzes to test their knowledge.

Learning Alive
Designed specially for school pupils and their teachers, for you to have fun and assist in filling your brain with useful and interesting information.

NASA for Kids
Information about space, space travel, the stars and our solar system from NASA, America's Space Association.

Send a Cow
Helping African families grow enough food to eat, sell their produce and develop small businesses that last.

Webmonkey for Kids
Learn everything you need to know about building your own homepage on the web.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
The WWF is the world's largest and most experienced independent conservation organisation. Their web site has lots of information about the work done by the group.

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